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It requires you to move boldly and courageously towards your innermost self, and to have faith that doing the deep work will be worth it.

Steven R. Levey, PhD, LCSW is proud to be a licensed clinical social worker in the State of New York. Dr. Levey is qualified to provide a variety of different services. Services includes: Individual, couples, group & family counseling, professional development programs for students, faculty & parents, Continuing education webinar programs and Parenting Workshops. Dr. Levey has offices in both Nassau and Suffolk County, NY.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Levey is an expert in working with adolescents, adults, couples and families.

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It is the client who knows what hurt, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried.

– Carl Rogers

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Often times when we think about loss, we think about death. However, the feelings and emotions of loss can come from many other experiences.